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*Snacks/refreshments provided

Filing at the wrong time can potentially cost you thousands of dollars in retirement income.  And since you have most likely paid Social Security Taxes your entire working career, why not receive help in making an educated decision to learn at what point you maximize your personal or household benefit?

Our Social Security Class will Teach You How To:


Again, registering for our class will provide you with knowledge about available strategies for potentially maximizing your Social Security benefits. In addition, all attendees qualify to receive a no-obligation, personalized Social Security Maximization Report. Class sizes are limited. 

Before you file for Social Security benefits, make sure to attend our class! We will discuss the different strategies to use if you are seeking to maximize Social Security benefits and how to file for your benefits correctly. We also provide resources, explanations and actual scenarios for various Social Security situations.​

  • Know if you should file at 62, 66, 70, or somewhere in between 
  • Understand why your Full Retirement Age (FRA) is important for benefits
  • Can you really increase your benefits by as much as 32% or more? 
  • Understand available benefits for divorced spouses, widows, and widowers
  • What is your "break-even" point when delaying benefits 
  • Understand how working in retirement may eliminate your benefit 
  • Properly claim spousal payments to increase your benefit  
  • Build delayed retirement credits, as well as, other claiming techniques 
  • Prepare a Social Security filing strategy to follow
  • Learn how to coordinate your retirement income in to the plan in order to minimize taxes

Social Security is like a Rubik’s Cube – it would be easy to solve if it were all one color, but it’s not....

*Please note: Nothing will be sold at this class, it is strictly to provide information and is educational in nature. Neither Daniel Anderson nor Rise Financial Group is affiliated with the Social Security Administration or any other government agency.



It's not just us saying that, "Social Security is complicated." It really is! 

Even though the Balanced Budget Act of 2015 quashed the popular “file and suspend” strategy and is phasing out the “restricted application” over the next several years, there are still more than 10,000+ strategies to consider. This makes crafting the right claiming strategy complex and difficult. Let us help with our Social Security Maximization software to guide you!

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Once your consultation is completed, we will provide you with your personalized Social Security Maximization report for you to follow in retirement.

By attending one of our classes, you are automatically entitled to a no-obligation consultation to potentially maximize your Social Security benefits.

Register above for our Social Security Maximization class. Our classes typically last about one-hour, but could potentially change your entire retirement!




It's Easy to Take Action!

Many couples will receive North of $1 million in joint income over their lifetime from Social Security benefits. Making smart decisions about this often "overlooked" asset is important...

What will your report reveal? 

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